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What are the Common Problems on the Road Today?

What are the common problems on the road today?
The pavement is pitted and the Manhole Cover is uneven. This seemingly "small problem" of road chaos seriously affects our road traffic safety.
Some people have said that the newly completed sidewalk has become uneven after one or two years. When pedestrians pass, they must be careful to avoid it. Then there is the problem of the manhole cover, the manhole cover is loose, the traffic noise is large; the manhole cover is uneven, the car with low chassis is easy to rub against the chassis; the manhole cover has no locking device, and it is easy to flip the cover and cause an accident.
Small" manhole cover may be a "big" problem
It is an encouraging goal of Shenzhen to build a pioneering area for socialist modernization and build a modern and international city. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, especially in urban management. It is often the details that determine success or failure. As a matter of concern to members of the CPPCC and the citizens, the manhole cover problem is a "small" problem, but it actually reflects the shortcomings of urban management in terms of refinement and humanization. It is a big problem.
The maintenance standard and management method of the manhole cover are not without rules. In the "Shenzhen Drainage Pipe Network Maintenance Management Quality Standard", there are detailed and specific regulations and standards for the manhole cover and the ground drop: the height difference between the manhole cover and the well frame is not higher than 0.5. Cm, the height is less than 1 cm, and the height difference between the well frame and the road surface is within 1.5 cm. The disparity in the actual situation is worrying.
As early as the 1970s, Japanese citizens protested against the noise of the manhole cover, which enabled the manufacturer to improve the shape of the manhole cover to enhance the fit with the road surface and successfully solved the noise problem. In the 21st century, the safety of the manhole cover has not been well resolved, and it is worthy of our serious study and exploration of solutions.
We believe that governance may indeed have difficulties, but it will never be "no medicine to cure". What is lacking is the attitude of attention and the determination to govern.
There are several reasons for the unevenness:
The manhole cover and inspection manhole cover are rigid materials, while the subgrade around and under the inspection well is a flexible or semi-rigid material with different sedimentation coefficients.
After some roads are opened to traffic, the traffic volume is much larger than the design evaluation level, causing the inspection well to be damaged and sink.
Most of the well walls are made of red bricks and other materials, which are easily damaged by heavy impact.
The manhole cover and well ring materials used in the previous period are lighter and the strength is insufficient...
In the face of the above problems, we will carry out a special rectification action for road manhole covers.
In response to the rainwater, sewage and tapping manhole cover on the carriageway, after consultation with the Municipal Water Affairs Group, the Transportation Committee and the Water Affairs Group will carry out a joint special rectification operation. The Water Affairs Group will be responsible for organizing the maintenance or replacement of the manhole cover. The Transportation Committee is responsible for organizing the road surface repair work around the manhole cover. To jointly solve the problem of wading manhole cover. At present, the remediation plan has been basically completed. The Jiaotong Committee has organized research on the repair technology of the assembly inspection well shaft, and is currently conducting a pilot project, which will promote the rectification work after the pilot.

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