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How Long Does the Resin Manhole Cover Life?

How long does the resin Manhole Cover life?
The Resin Manhole Cover is simply a manhole cover made of a resin-based composite material, and is a new type of environmental protection manhole cover. Because of its high degree of polymerization, high density, impact resistance, tensile strength, etc., it also has the advantages of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, no rust, no pollution, no maintenance. It has been widely used in the field of municipal building landscape greening.
The use of resin manhole covers is the most common around us, but we all know that resin manhole covers are relatively unfamiliar to most of us, the cast iron manhole covers that are common around us. Because the life of cast iron manhole covers is not ideal, and the damage is often stolen, and most people still choose cast iron manhole covers; then how much do you know about the service life of our resin manhole covers?

resin manhole cover
What is the service life of the resin manhole cover? The raw materials of the resin manhole cover are: unsaturated resin, glass fiber and other materials and steel frame. Let me introduce it to you: I hope to help everyone. Now the composite resin manhole cover has become a new material with low recycling value. This solves the core problem of the resin manhole cover, so in this process, we can actively produce the resin manhole cover and divide the manhole cover into two types: the manhole cover floor and the manhole cover panel, and then separately produce them. Into a whole.
In this process, we can make relevant regulations for the most practical functions of the resin manhole cover, including technically. In order to realize these functions of the manhole cover, we should choose a new type of composite resin, which has good toughness, and we will not use brittle materials in principle, because the brittle material is easily crushed by the car, which will cause cracking. At the same time, the water vapor in the wellbore will evaporate accordingly. The cracking material we use will be absorbed, and after the material absorbs moisture, it will be hydrolyzed, so the service life of the product will be greatly reduced.

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