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Question of the Thickness of Manhole Cover

Question of the thickness of Manhole Cover
Manhole cover is basically every day you can see the road cover equipment, common iron manhole cover, Composite Manhole Cover, cement manhole cover, stainless steel manhole cover, etc., but they are thick and thin, the use of different thickness range is not the same, the following to explain to you about the composite manhole cover and cast iron manhole cover thickness requirements.
1. Regenerated resin composite material manhole cover inspection: according to GJ/T 121-2000, the thickness of heavy manhole cover shall not be less than 70mm
Test load: 400KN (D400), 250KN (C250), 125KN (B125)
The normal thickness is not less than 50mm
Light-weight thickness not less than 20mm
2. Ductile iron manhole cover inspection: according to GB/T 23858-2009
A15 thickness shall not be less than 20mm for greening
B125 thickness shall be no less than 30mm for use on sidewalks and non-motorized lanes
The thickness of C250 shall not be less than 30mm for residential areas
The thickness of D400 shall not be less than 50mm for urban roads
The thickness of E600 shall not be less than 50mm for freight stations and wharfs
F900 thickness shall be no less than 50mm for use on airstrips
The manhole cover also has the standard of using load. When selecting the manhole cover for construction, the suitable one can be found according to the requirements of the operating environment and thickness of the manhole cover, and the service life and safety performance will be better. Therefore, the use range of manhole covers with different thickness is different, and there is a certain standard whether they are thin or thick.

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