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The Role and Precautions of Resin Manhole Cover Transportation Packaging

The Role and Precautions of Resin Manhole Cover Transportation Packaging
With the growing popularity of Resin Manhole Covers, the transport packaging of the manhole cover is also crucial. How is the manhole cover generally transported and packaged?
1. Generally divided into bare clothes.
2. Pallet packaging: The trays are divided into iron trays and wooden pallets. Some manufacturers also cover the film: the general packaging is the tray plus the packing belt, the tray is divided into the iron tray and the wooden pallet, which is mainly determined according to the requirements of the customer. At the end of the time, but the manhole cover on the tray and put it in a set, put it up to about 2 meters high. If the customer needs to wrap the film, wrap the wrapping film. If it is not needed, use the packing tape to fix it. This kind of packaging method is relatively stable, simple and time-saving, and the Composite Manhole Cover is not easy to slip. In short, everything is the convenience of the customer, the protection product will not be damaged during transportation, and the exported surface fumigation wooden box packaging and carton packaging.
Features and advantages of a resin manhole cover:
1. Energy-saving and environmental protection: meet the needs of environmental protection and reduce mining.
2. Wide temperature range: It is suitable for use at -40°C-80°C ambient temperature.
3. Cost-effective: for users to reduce costs, with resistance to damage, no flipping, no ultrasound, wear-resistant characteristics, the service life of more than 30 years, cost-effective, low prices.
4. Enhance the taste of fashion: beautify the city, can be classified and color, improve the city's taste.
5.high safety factor: anti-theft, for the safety of life and property to play a role.
6.easy to install and maintain: the same area, the same volume, composite wells are light, smart and easy to install, easy for later maintenance.
7.technical parameters up to standard: by the international authority inspection, compression, bending, impact resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, acid resistance, and other indicators are better than cast iron products and concrete products.

Resin manhole cover
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