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How Much is A Resin Composite Manhole Cover?

How much is a resin composite Manhole Cover?

The polymer Composite Manhole Cover is made of a new high-strength inorganic synthetic material and glass fiber composite. It is a mid-range manhole cover product. The Resin Manhole Cover is pressed out by a hydraulic machine made of glass fiber and resin and has high impact strength. Because it has no use-value, it has an anti-theft function. The composite resin manhole cover has the advantages of low price, light weight, anti-theft, and reduction of urban noise. In terms of anti-corrosion, the composite resin mandrel high-performance SMC sheet material has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt corrosion resistance, and no rust. Suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions from -50 ° C to 150 ° C.

The raw materials used are in line with national environmental protection requirements and are non-polluting. In terms of usability and aesthetics, the composite resin manhole cover is strong in plasticity, strong in coloring, and rich in color conversion;

1. The composite resin manhole cover is colored by the whole material instead of spraying, so the color is lasting, the surface of the product is smooth, the hand feels smooth and delicate, and the color and floor material around the floor can be kept in harmony and beauty. At this time, the temperature difference may easily cause cracking and warpage of the member of the joint.

2, due to load changes, long-term use will make the rainwater tweezers specifications change and lead to insufficient structural bearing capacity.

3, due to the erosion of chemical substances and corrosion, and more serious electrochemical corrosion caused by the weakening of the section of the rainwater tweezers, it is recommended to use SMC polymer fiberglass resin composite manhole cover.

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