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Why choose screw lock composite manhole cover

The Advantages of BMC Manhole Cover

Follow trends, there are many and many facilities nearby residential area: school,market,park and different scenery place.

Sometimes there are so many iron manhole cover and water grate when car pass cause big noise.

Manhole cover

Iron manhole cover:

Safety problem: easy to be stolen.

Corrosion and no acid-alkali resistance.Iron manhole cover can't stand hot day and very cold day(-50℃)

In order to be safety, many and many customer and project choose composite resin materials.


manhole cover

Composite Manhole Cover:

1.Sealing rubber gasket: anti-jump,anti-sound,anti-displacement

2.No vent: avoid water into cover.

3.Screw lock: avoid shifting the manhole cover.

manhole cover

4.Material: composite material without recycle value, it's nature anti-theft.

5.High strength.

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