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What's the Principle of Anti-theft Manhole Cover?

What is the principle of the anti-theft Manhole Cover?
The manhole cover is the closure of the entrance and exit of the underground facility and is drained underground. SMC polymer resin Composite Manhole Cover to meet pipe installation equipment, in this project, inspection along the pipe direction. SMC polymer resin composite manhole cover is also the main accessory product of Beijing Pan detection well. The role of SMC polymer resin composite manhole cover is also critical: load-bearing, SMC polymer resin composite manhole cover can withstand SMC polymer resin composite manhole cover SMC polymer resin composite manhole cover SMC Polymer resin composite manhole covers are also being gradually developed into SMC polymer resin composite manhole covers either on urban public roads or on single roads.
More than 100 manhole cover anti-theft devices mainly use six methods: one is the iron chain connection, the other is the hinge connection, the three-end anti-rotation technology, the fourth is the bolt blocking technology, and the fifth is the locking key method. Six is the fork joint method.

Anti-theft manhole cover
Among them, the first and second cannot lock the manhole cover and the well ring, and are easy to open. Steel chains can be used to break chains and hinges; the third type can only be opened and removed by reverse rotation.
Manhole cover; the fourth type uses bolts and nuts to block the iron hook hole, but the manhole cover can be opened and removed as long as the end of the bending line is inserted into the two slots below the bolt head; although five or six can cover the manhole cover and the well The ring is locked into one, but the requirements for matching space and matching accuracy are high, and it is necessary to cast a new manhole cover to match it.
It is impossible to refurbish existing manhole covers, which is expensive and does not solve the problem. The problem of rust is dead. It can't be opened for about half a year, it can't go well. Therefore, the above various types of manhole cover anti-theft devices are not satisfactory.

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