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Application Range and Characteristics of FRP Grating Plate

Application range and characteristics of FRP grating plate
Why do you choose grid boards for tree protection in many places?
The appearance of the grid plate is easy to cut, and it does not need to care about the size of the tree pit. It can be cut on site according to the size of the tree pit. The use of the grid plate can keep the roots of the trees loose and absorb nutrients such as moisture, and protect the trees from soil erosion. . It is mainly used for trees in public greening places such as street green belts and parks. It is made of resin material, light and easy to install, and parallel with the sidewalk to prevent pedestrians from being injured. There is an air compartment separated by a block between the tree raft and the ground. It has the advantages of facilitating tree growth, facilitating artificial watering and saving water resources. The invention improves the labor efficiency of manual watering, reduces the labor intensity of the worker, saves time and labor, reduces the maintenance cost of the tree (the cost can be reduced by more than 2 times), and overcomes the influence of the city due to the excavation. Problems such as polluting the environment have high economic and social benefits. The color of the tree-covered FRP grating is generally black and gray, mainly because the two colors are more stable and do not fade. There is a circular or square tree hole in the middle of the tree-covered FRP grating, and water-permeable holes are arranged around it. It is widely used in parks, street green belts and greening trees in various places. The rainwater seepage on the cover surface can keep the roots of the trees loose and absorb nutrients such as water and protect trees from soil erosion. The high-quality tree scorpion can reserve larger or smaller tree holes according to the characteristics of tree growth, and at the same time, it can leave a ground lamp hole, which is convenient for installation and use, and the ground lamp is illuminated upwards to create beautiful and beautiful scenery at night.
 FRP grating is also called composite geogrid. It is made of unsaturated polyester resin and made of non-alkali glass fiber as reinforcing material and refined by special process. Because of the nature of the material structure, it can be used as a floor, platform, ship deck, and building plank path with corrosive environment. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, non-magnetic insulation, bright color, and various styles. It can be used in acid and alkali corrosion, hot and humid rust areas, such as power generation, electroplating, marine operations, etc. Supporting anti-corrosion flat, sewage treatment, chemical, electroplating equipment supporting glass steel products, such as Trench Cover, overflow trough and so on.
Color: The basic colors of FRP grating are: yellow, green, gray, red, blue.
Size: The common size of the tree scorpion is 34*34*25, 38*38*25, 40*40*25
Density: The density of FRP grating is about 1.8, which is only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum. Its strength is 10 times that of rigid PVC, and its strength exceeds the level of aluminum and ordinary steel.
Features: The appearance of FRP grating has brought great convenience to people. The corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic insulation, natural anti-theft, weather resistance, load bearing, lightness, craftability and easy cutting of FRP gratings, etc. Adequate supplements and shortcomings of steel gratings. Therefore, the FRP grating has many obvious advantages, and the place that can meet the environmental requirements gradually replaces the steel grating and plays its role. Such as marine areas, hot and humid rust areas, high-altitude exposed areas, corrosive areas, such as electroplating plants, chemical plants, cooling towers, dock projects, power plants and sewage treatment plants.
Advantages: Different performance of corrosion-resistant resin gives different corrosion resistance of FRP, and it can be used for a long time under the corrosive environment of gas and liquid medium with different acid, alkali, salt and organic solvent; flame retardant high quality resin and flame retardant additive give excellent product The flame retardant performance, the perfect combination of light, high strength and alkali-free glass fiber yarn and resin, gives the product a unique light weight and high strength. The specific gravity of the product is 1/4 of the steel, suitable for various load-bearing structures in corrosive environments; The aging product is made of high-quality matrix resin and anti-aging additive, which makes the product have long-lasting anti-aging properties, can maintain long-lasting gloss and continuous high strength, and has a service life of more than 20 years. It can be designed in addition to the flexible design performance of FRP. The color of the product can be customized according to the customer's requirements. The outer dimensions can also be cut and spliced into the size required by the customer. The safety anti-slip high elastic modulus and different surface effects make the grille anti-slip performance, and the slight elasticity reduces the fatigue of the staff. , double plane, crescent face, sand surface, diamond cover, different surfaces provide anti-slip for different applications The electrical properties of glass fiber and high-performance resin give the product superior electrical performance, the product wear strength can reach 10kv/mm, metal tools have no electric spark when fighting; economical, because FRP does not require maintenance, and has a long service life, so The comprehensive benefits are better.

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