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Composite Water Drainage Products

Composite Water Drainage Products
Composite rainwater drainage are available in flat, vertical and combined styles. The gully has a stone slab and a flat shovel. The edge stone sluice gully is suitable for roads with marginal stones. The ground level is suitable for pavements, plazas, low-lying water gathering places with no stone. The vertical gully has vertical holes and vertical rafts, and road rain rafts are suitable for roads with marginal stones. Among them, the vertical hole type is suitable for a place where the crevice is easily blocked by foreign matter. The combined gully is a combination of flat and vertical, suitable for wide roads, marginal stones, concentrated runoff and debris.
Rainwater scorpion is an inspection Manhole Cover for collecting rainwater. It is commonly called rainwater scorpion. In the possible road surface where rainwater is generated, rainwater scorpion should be set to avoid flooding in the rainy season. Rain rafts are generally installed on both sides of the road. The road surface needs water to drain into the sewer. Rainwater drains should be installed to collect rainwater.
The characteristics of the composite rainwater tweezers are: high compressive strength, cold resistance, heat resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it is also stable, beautiful, and can be made into various colors and made into various logos and patterns. Tested by quality supervision and inspection station, the indicators meet the national and enterprise product standards. Moreover, since the main raw material of the product is waste plastics and industrial waste silicon, it has no recycling value, and it also has the advantages of eliminating pollution, purifying the environment, and recycling resources.

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