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Manhole Cover Types and Protective Measures

Manhole Cover types and protective measures
There are many types of municipal engineering manhole covers. Each well is a well. It is an inspection well. A pipeline is generally set up about 40 meters to set up an inspection well for maintenance, rainwater, sewage, electric power, streetlights, joint construction, heating, and running water. , natural gas, etc.
The manhole cover is only an appearance, and hidden underneath is the concealed project of the municipal public infrastructure. The manhole cover is the entrance to them.
Pipes with manhole covers in cities are generally classified into types: upper and lower water pipes, power pipes and cable trenches, municipal pipes, and communication pipes (telecom, mobile, China Unicom, radio and television, etc.).
First of all, the water pipe. The tap water pipe (water supply) cannot be shared with other types of pipes, so there is a tap water cover on the ground. Sewage can't be shared with other types of pipelines, so there are more sewage well covers on the ground. If there is a rainwater and sewage diversion in the city, there will be a special rainwater cover. If there is central heating in the north, a heating manhole cover will appear on the ground.

manhole cover
Then there is the power pipeline. Electricity is generally simple, just a kind of power manhole cover. However, in the vicinity of the transformer room, the power Cable Cover is generally not used, but the power cable trench is directly built, that is, the road is a rectangular cover.
This is followed by municipal pipelines and communication pipelines. The internals of the municipal pipeline are similar to the communication pipelines, and are basically communication lines. The difference from a separate communication-type pipeline is that municipal pipelines can be used if there are municipal pipelines on site and there is sufficient internal space and permission to use them. There is no need for various operators and public security traffic control units to build redundant tube wells. Later underground tunnels (common ditch) in developed countries are the development direction of municipal pipelines. The above is the use of various manhole covers.
To do a good job in the safety protection of the manhole cover, we must first start from the following points:
1. Real-time monitoring: Real-time monitoring of the opening of the pipe manhole cover.
2, remote query: manhole cover monitoring and management system Regular inspection of the lower machine and equipment in the line, automatic diagnosis of link failure.
3, remote management: remote master control arming, disarming, centralized management, security and confidentiality.
4. Communication method: use existing or laid copper lines to form a communication network or wireless GSM public network.
5, the operation is simple: maintenance personnel can skillfully apply the system software in the shortest time.
6. Convenient management: display and archive of well cover faults, display various faults of pipeline wells within the jurisdiction on the electronic map, and automatically store the system database.
7. large-scale alarm: can achieve network management of each manhole cover in a large area or even the entire urban area.
8. Efficient police and precision strike: The manhole cover monitoring and management system command platform can ensure rapid fire alarm and achieve the goal of precise strike, with prevention as the main priority and property loss to be minimized.
9. stable performance: high stability of the system to ensure the normal operation of the equipment; hardware built-in watchdog controller to improve the reliability of the system.

10. waterproof and anti-corrosion: waterproof, rust-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-sand design....

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