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What Kind of Material is Generally Used for the Trench Cover?

What Kind of Material is Generally Used for the Trench Cover?
There are various types of gutter covers. Due to the different materials used, the gutter cover is made of metal materials, wood, plastic or stone, and the latest news. The composite sheet is the anti-corrosion of FRP. This kind of board is not gold, non-stone, non-wood, non-plastic, but this kind of board has captured half of the market when it enters the sales market.
Comparison of the characteristics of the GRP anti-corrosion material gutter cover and other materials:
1. Compared with metal materials: FRP anti-corrosion gutter cover is very light, easy to install, saves time and effort, saves time and effort, compressive strength exceeds the quality of metal material gutter cover, and FRP anti-corrosion The gutter cover is also an excellent conductor and insulator, which greatly increases the safety factor.
2, compared with the wooden category: FRP anti-corrosion gutter cover is stronger than the wooden type, and the FRP anti-corrosion gutter cover does not need to be very perishable like the wooden back cover, and must also be often on the tone maintenance.

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3, compared with the plastic: FRP anti-corrosion gutter cover in addition to the quality should be higher than the plastic class of Geshan also has a flame retardant feature, fire safety features far exceed the plastic back cover, we all know The plastic ignites not only can not be poured out but also dissolves chemicals that are harmful to the body.
4. Compared with stone type: FRP anti-corrosion gutter cover has moderate ductility, while the stone-type gutter cover has no ductility. Once the load exceeds the load, it will immediately rupture, which will cause a huge impact on the safety of the application. Security risks.

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