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Why the Cable Cover So Popular?

Why the Cable Cover so popular?
With the development of urban construction, many cable equipment has gradually changed from the ground to the underground, making the cover covering the cable trench widely used and popular. So what are the characteristics?
First, analyze its anti-theft from the material structure
 Everyone will often hear that the Manhole Cover on the road has been stolen. This is because the manhole cover has the value of recycling. The illegal elements steal it and sell it, so the country will have losses on the manhole cover every year. Now we promote the Resin Manhole Cover will not let the country have such loss, it is based on composite resin as the main material, using glass fiber, calcium powder as auxiliary material, after high temperature, through mold molding, no recycling value, active anti-theft features.
Second, the material determines its characteristics
After inspection and official certification by the Quality Supervision Bureau, the bearing capacity of the Composite Manhole Cover is in line with national standards, and it also has corrosion resistance, and it is no problem to use in a humid environment. Third, security protection performance
Composite resin cable Trench Cover is not an ordinary plate, it needs to be insulated from the ground, so it can not conduct electricity and conduct heat.
 Fourth, aesthetics meet the needs of society
 In the process of urban beautification, it is necessary to be practical and elegant for all building materials, so the cable cover should also be aesthetically pleasing. Compared with cast iron, the weight is half, which is convenient for transportation and installation. Many, you can also make different patterns to meet urban beautification.

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