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Compare the Cross Sections of The Two Manhole Covers

Compare the cross sections of the two Manhole Covers
Today, we analyze the differences between the two cross-sections of the manhole cover.

manhole cover
First, let's take a look at the cross section of the manhole cover on the left. There are obvious particles. These particles are quartz sand. Quartz sand is a very cheap sand material. Adding quartz sand can increase the weight of the manhole cover and reduce the resin content. The resin content will reduce the load bearing and toughness of the manhole cover, and the manhole cover will become very brittle. This manhole cover is very dangerous. It can't pass the car. It must be safe to leave. It belongs to the light manhole cover, even if the quality is poor. There are also many people who choose it because it has low prices and high profits. When you have the right to choose it, you must have enough courage to take responsibility.

manhole cover
Let's take a look at the cross section of the manhole cover on the right side. It can be seen that the layers of glass fiber are arranged in an orderly arrangement without quartz sand particles. This is the sand-free Resin Manhole Cover. The glass fiber has strong toughness and bearing capacity. High, the value is higher than the sand cover, the quality is better than the sand well cover, not to mention the load bearing, there is no problem in leaving the car, this is the safe manhole in our eyes.
Not only the manhole cover will be sanded, but also the ditch cover and the water scorpion have sand. The damage of the sand-added products is very clear. As a manufacturer of the manhole cover, let us know here, don’t destroy everyone for the small interest. Security interests, I hope that everyone must find the national standard manhole cover manufacturers to purchase products, safety is no small matter, the responsibility is greater than the day.

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