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How to Remove the Noise of Manhole Cover?

How to Remove the Noise of Manhole Cover?
The complete manhole cover device is composed of a cover and a base. During the application process, due to the crushing of the vehicle or the heavy object, looseness occurs between the manhole cover and the base of the manhole cover and a gap is generated. As a result, the cover of the manhole cover and the base of the manhole cover are also impacted. There will be noise. If the construction of the manhole cover is not standardized, the gap of the manhole cover product is too large, and the sound of the whistling sound will be generated when the wind blows, which seriously affects the surrounding environment and also brings hidden dangers.

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This problem can be improved by the control of the manhole cover material and the processing and production process improvement. Therefore, the manhole cover made of the resin composite material has gradually appeared, and the gap between the manhole cover and the noise has indeed been greatly improved.
In addition, if the design of the manhole cover itself is in compliance, the gap between the cover and the base is small, and an anti-vibration rubber ring is fixedly arranged at the joint between the lower end of the manhole cover device and the base to enhance the stability of the manhole cover, and the possibility of noise generation is also greatly reduced.
The noise problem of the manhole cover should be detected early and replaced early. Looseness and gaps between the manhole cover and the manhole cover will also cause hidden dangers. Timely maintenance should be used to reduce safety hazards.
In addition, you can directly purchase the seven anti-manhole covers developed by our company: anti-theft, anti-running, anti-aliasing, anti-corrosion, anti-static, anti-settling, waterproof.

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