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The Advantages of SMC Manhole Cover

The Advantages of SMC Manhole Cover

The SMC manhole cover is a new type of heavy-duty Resin Manhole Cover. According to the national standard, the manhole cover Load Grade BS EN124: A15, B125, C250, D400, E600, F900. Manhole cover Logo"rainwater", "sewage", "telecommunications", "fire", "heat", "gas", "water supply" and other words. Can be installed in: roads, highways, green belts, municipal gardens, sidewalks, pedestrian place, motor vehicle lanes, residential quarters, freight stations, gas stations, airport runways, etc. As a manufacturer, the installation of the locking device on the manhole cover effectively solves the problem of the cover flap flipping; the sealing strip is used to solve the noise problem when the manhole is over; the non-through hole manhole cover can be prevented. Rainwater and other garbage leak into the well to destroy the equipment in the well; only with the speciality of the material, the manhole cover has no recycling value, solves the problem of theft of the manhole cover; acid and alkali corrosion resistance, can be applied to dangerous areas such as chemical plants; It can be applied to special areas such as gas stations; it has a long service life of up to 20 or 30 years.

SMC manhole cover

high quality manhole cover

Then there are problems such as theft of the manhole cover, the loss of the manhole cover, and the movement of the manhole cover. the composite material has no recycling value. As long as the GPS is installed on the manhole cover, if there is movement or damage to the manhole cover, The manhole cover will automatically report to the management department through this equipment, and accurately convey the position of the manhole cover, so that the maintenance personnel can rush to the site for maintenance in the first time, thus solving the safety problem of the manhole cover and reducing the cost of manual inspection and maintenance. , to achieve comprehensive monitoring of the manhole cover.

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