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What are the Characteristics of the Trench Cover for the Gas Station?

What are the characteristics of the Trench Cover for the gas station?
Which ditch cover is commonly used in the oil depot? The cast iron groove cover is commonly used before the resin composite groove cover. The cast iron groove cover is characterized by high bearing capacity, but poor toughness, easy corrosion, easy to be stolen, and need to be treated with anti-corrosion treatment and anti-theft treatment. The cost is relatively high, and it is often used in roads, main roads, municipalities, firefighting, etc. Resin composite well cover groove cover is popular in recent years. It is characterized by strong toughness, high bearing capacity, fire retardant, antistatic, and design. It is also very strong and can be customized according to the user's indicators. Why is it so popular at gas stations? Mainly because of the anti-static characteristics of the resin composite trench cover, which is difficult to achieve with many metal material trench covers. In the timely installation, the problem was not taken into account, and the later maintenance and replacement process is more dangerous.The resin trench cover does not have any fireworks under the pressure applied by the outside. This is very safe and does not need to be treated with anti-corrosion or anti-theft. Because the product itself has no recycling value, the corrosion resistance is also very high. The chemical plant is also no problem.
Gas station trench cover
The above features not only improve the overall safety performance of the resin ditch cover, but also are favored by the construction projects of petroleum companies such as Sinopec, especially in the oil depot. The amount is also very large. The tanker enters the oil depot and is unloading oil. In the process, it will inevitably leak to the ground. We will design and lay the ditch cover. The oil will be collected into a container in the drain groove along the ditch cover to save oil resources.

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