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The Advantages and Functions of Composite Cable Cover

The Advantages and Functions of Composite Cable Cover
Composite cable Trench Cover advantages:
1, weather resistance and aging. It can resist the erosion of acid, alkali, salt and other harmful substances, and its service life is generally more than 15 years.
2, good flame retardant properties. It has been determined that its oxygen index can reach 80~120, which is in line with the non-combustible and flame retardant levels specified in GB8624.
3, good sealing performance, and can prevent the infestation of termites and pests. The tank body adopts a card cover structure, and its overall sealing performance can reach the level 5 sealing level specified in GB4208.
4. Construction is convenient and fast.
Power cover, cable cover
The composite cable trench cover shall have the following conditions before installation:
1. Cable trench forming
2. The cable and fire protection device in the cable trench are installed.
3. Cable support anti-corrosion measures and dirt cleaning
4. The pavement of the outer side of the cable trench is completed. The test report of the cable trench cover The top of the cable trench The customer should request the cable trench top developed by the company. The construction is convenient and fast, and the effect is good.

composite cable cover
Composite cable trench cover function:
1. Good anti-theft performance: Because of no secondary application value, this product adopts polymer composite materials. Made by high temperature molding. Personality with generous anti-theft.
2. Facilitate Peugeot: It brings great convenience to assembly and inspection protection. The weight of the same format product is only one third of the cast iron cover. And according to the customer's request to produce a variety of formats and colors of the product, even in the management, and beautify the city.
3, long life: no rust, not afraid of acid and alkali erosion. Electrical insulation, wear resistance, weather resistance.
4. High precision: the gap between the cover and the joint is small, because the product is molded by high temperature. Overcome the problems of cast iron and cement cable trench cover "running, jumping, ringing".

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