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Tree Grate Structure

Tree Grate Structure
Zibo Best is a manufacturer of tree grate plates and has rich production experience. Here we briefly introduce the tree pool cover structure:
The main body of the tree grate is composed of two or four symmetrical plates, and a tree hole is arranged at the center of the cover body, and a plurality of water leakage holes are arranged around the tree hole. The tree pool cover has high strength, low price and beautiful appearance. The product can be arbitrarily colored, easy to install, maintain and identify. It is an ideal choice for the garden department, plant area greening, street beautification and landscape beautification. It is mainly used in the tree pool of green landscape trees on both sides of the street to protect the soil and water and beautify the environment.

Tree grate
Product Features:
1.corrosion resistance
It has excellent corrosion resistance of many media such as acid and alkali, organic solvents and salts, and has unparalleled superiority in anticorrosion. At the time of purchase, the consumer can economically choose to use an o-benzene type, an isophthalic type or a vinyl type resin as a base material according to the requirements of the actual use occasion.
2.lightweight, high strength, and easy to cut, install.
Since the tree scorpion is made of resin and glass fiber, its density is small, not more than 2 kg per cubic decimeter, only 1/4 of steel and 2/3 of aluminum. Its strength is 10 times that of rigid PVC, and its strength exceeds the level of aluminum and ordinary steel.
Its light weight can greatly reduce the basic support, thus reducing the material cost of the project.
The cutting and installation is simple, no need for hot fire and large lifting equipment, and only a small amount of manual and electric tools are required, so the installation cost is also greatly reduced.
3.anti-aging: In theory, its service life is more than 50 years.
4.flame retardant: ordinary flame retardant grille flame propagation rate (ASTM E-84) does not exceed 25; high flame retardant vinyl grille flame propagation rate does not exceed 10. The oxygen index is not less than 28 (GB 8924).
5.safety: with excellent electrical insulation, no breakdown at 10KV voltage; no electromagnetic, can be used on magnetic sensitive equipment; FRP grating special structure also has anti-skid, anti-fatigue and other characteristics.
6.uniform color inside and outside: can be arbitrarily selected, can customize the color according to customer requirements, thereby improving the environment of the production site.
7.Have better comprehensive economic benefits
8.can be designed: flexible size and dimensional stability.
We are willing to cooperate sincerely with the majority of users, and we sincerely welcome来人calls to negotiate business with us.

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