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The Important of FRP Manhole Cover with Screw Lock

The Important of FRP Manhole Cover with Screw Lock

There are many manhole cover on the road,park,building place,gas station and so on. But we can see many manhole cover's problem. Today let's us introduce to you:

Road street:

Raining day, water gushing out of a manhole cover, affect the traffic.

manhole cover

From this picture we see it clearly.

If the manhole cover have screw lock, water can not gush out. And the street is still clean not dirty.

Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd manufactured FRP/GRP manhole cover,Trench Cover,gully gratings.

Let's us show you screw lock manhole cover:

SMC manhole cover

Our company manhole cover have stainless steel screw lock which can lock well the manhole lid and frame. And the handle hole is no vent.

High strength and nature anti-theft. No corrosion performance, expand the application of manhole cover market.

SMC(sheet molding compound):SMC special yarns, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, fillers and various additives composition. SMC has excellent electrical properties, corrosion resistance, light weight, and engineering design easy, flexible, etc. Its mechanical properties can be comparable with some metallic materials, which are widely used transport vehicles, construction, electronics/ electrical and other industries.

If you want to order high quality and screw lock manhole cover,please follow our website and welcome to inquiry.

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