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Future Development Trend of Composite Manhole Cover and Cast Iron Manhole Cover

Future development trend of composite Manhole Cover and cast iron manhole cover
With the advancement of urban construction, public facilities are gradually extending underground. Wells such as tap water, telecommunications, electric power, gas, heat, fire, sanitation and other public facilities need to be installed. The market demand for manhole covers is increasing day by day. The research and development work of Composite Manhole Covers has been remarkable, but there are indeed many problems worthy of attention.Today let's us introduce to you the two major markets of composite manhole cover and cast iron manhole cover:
1. In the next few years or even decades, high-strength composite manhole covers will develop faster and have a wider market share; the technology of high-strength composite manhole covers is more and more mature, and the strength of compressive and load-resistant is getting higher and higher. And the composite manhole cover has good anti-theft property due to its own economic value, and the finished product has no recycling value, so the thief steals it is useless, compared with the anti-theft problem of other material manhole covers and the loss caused by some unskilled manhole cover in the society.The problem can basically be solved. Moreover, the composite manhole cover can be made of colorful colors, and can be customized according to different environmental occasions, just like the car is only black, and Chevrolet produces yellow, blue and other cars of various colors, the colorful manhole cover will be Will become the favor of people.

composite manhole cover

Second, the cast iron manhole cover (spheroidal manhole cover and ash cast manhole cover) will slowly lose the manhole cover market. Why, because the strength of the spheroidal ink and gray iron is generally considered to be high, and there are many commercial composite products that are not produced according to the standard, so as to reduce The cost is shoddy, or the technical level does not go up, resulting in the product not meeting the standard. Therefore, after this high-strength composite manhole cover enters the market, it can completely replace the cast iron manhole cover because of its many good performances. Many types of manhole covers are used on the main motorway. As for theft and anti-jumping, anti-aliasing and other issues, businesses do not have to worry about it.
Third, we also learned that the art manhole cover is also one of the inevitable development directions in the future. When the art manhole covers of our neighboring countries, Japan, and some developed countries in Europe and America, were praised by people, the needs of domestic art-type manhole covers are also increasing, such as some communities and villas. If these areas can be matched with some art. The manhole cover will undoubtedly add a lot of life to the place.
Fourth, the multi-functional manhole cover is the future development direction. From the beginning of the cement manhole cover to the steel fiber manhole cover, to the gray cast iron manhole cover to the ductile iron manhole cover, and then to the resin composite manhole cover, especially the alumina ceramic composite manhole cover, anti-theft, anti-skip, anti-alias, anti-displacement, comprehensive manhole cover that prevents multiple functions from sinking will undoubtedly be more and more popular in the market.

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