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What are The Highlights of the FRP Tree Grating?

What are the highlights of the FRP tree grating?
The FRP tree has many attributes. This is a new type of material. It is a reinforcing material made of fiberglass. FRP tree seedlings are made by special processing procedures and have plenty of space. It performed very well. It is more durable than the plates we use today and can be used in floors, platforms, stairs, etc. with corrosive environments. The most common colors of FRP tree: gray, yellow, black, blue, green, red and other colors, make the scene and the body truly integrated.
FRP tree protection function:
Chemical resistance
The FRP tree is made of excellent benzene, meta-benzene, vinyl and surface felt pultrusion FRP tree, which has excellent corrosion resistance.
2, lightweight
The FRP cover is made of resin and fiberglass. It has a density of only a quarter of iron and two-thirds of aluminum, but its relative strength is higher than these metals.
3, anti-UV
The FRP tree protector is formulated with an anti-UV agent and a polyester surface felt for better UV resistance.
4, can be designed
The FRP tree is flexible. The FRP tree can be cut according to the application.
FRP tree board standard specifications 1.22x2.44 1.22 * 3.66 1x3.01 1x4.04 meters additional specifications can be customized. Thickness: 25mm 30mm 38mm, 50mm,
Precautions for using the FRP tree
1. Due to the low density and light weight, the FRP tree can be easily installed at a higher water table. It is necessary to consider anti-floating measures, such as setting up town terminals or storm water runoff.
2. In the construction of the three-way coated slab, repairing the cracks in the pipeline, etc., it is required to be completely dry in the factory. The resin and fiber cloth used in the construction need 7-8 hours of curing, and - the on-site construction is often difficult to repair. Meet this requirement.
Existing underground pipeline inspection equipment is mainly for detecting metal pipelines, while non-metal pipeline inspection instruments are expensive. Therefore, the FRP protection tree cannot be detected after burying, and other subsequent construction units can easily dig and damage the pipeline during the construction process. .
4, FRP tree protection board wood protection board has poor UV resistance. The surface mount FRP tree protects the aging time by forming a 0.5 mm thick resin-rich layer and UV absorber (in-plant treatment) on the surface. As the run time progresses, the resin-rich layer and the UV absorber are destroyed, which affects its service life.
Highlights of the FRP tree:
(1) The company adheres to the goal of “Credit First, Customer Supreme, Quality Clearance” to produce products.
(2) The products produced by our company are all made of the highest quality resin fiber, alkali-free roving, and a certain proportion of aluminum powder (anti-static, fireproof); we introduce to customers with enthusiasm and quality service. Excellent products, no exaggeration, quality assurance, allowing customers to choose quality products with superior quality.
(3) We can also produce customer-satisfied products according to the size requested by customers.
The characteristics of FRP: quality assurance, fair price, high reputation, high quality service, unlimited service, from the customer's point of view, to choose a satisfactory product for customers, enjoy a high reputation.
Advantages of FRP: pressure resistance, load bearing, chemical corrosion resistance, easy cleaning, insulation flame retardant, impact resistance, light weight, no rust, anti-aging, long life, strong design, easy to install and cut, no need to check regular maintenance, etc.

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