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Bearing Capacity of SMC Resin Manhole Cover

Bearing capacity of SMC resin Manhole Cover
Nowadays, some people only know the Resin Manhole Cover. The understanding of the resin manhole cover only stays on the light-weight BMC manhole cover of the green belt. Few people know that the smc material manhole cover can be used as a high-load manhole cover.

resin manhole cover
Today, let's talk about the smc resin manhole cover.
The SMC manhole cover is one of the Composite Manhole Covers. It is composed of SMC sheet molding compound, unsaturated resin, glass fiber and calcium powder. It is molded by high temperature molding.
Composite materials are not only widely used in the manhole cover industry, but also used in the automotive industry. Composite automotive parts are mainly divided into three categories: body parts, structural parts and functional parts.
1. Body parts, including body shell, hood hard roof, sunroof, door, radiator grille, headlight reflector, front and rear bumpers, etc. This is the main direction of the application of composite materials in automobiles. It mainly meets the needs of streamlined design and high quality requirements of the body. The potential for development and application is still huge. Mainly based on glass fiber reinforced thermosetting plastics, typical molding processes include: SMC/BMC, RTM and hand paste/jetting.
2. Structural parts: including front end bracket, bumper frame, seat frame, floor, etc., the purpose is to improve the design freedom, versatility and integrity of the parts. Mainly use high-strength SMC, GMT, LFT and other materials.
3, functional parts: its main features are required to withstand high temperature, oil corrosion, mainly engine and engine peripheral components. Such as: engine valve cover, intake manifold, oil sump, air filter cover, gear chamber cover, air hood, intake pipe guard, fan blade, fan air guide, heater cover, water tank parts, Outlet housing, water pump turbine, engine insulation board, etc. The main process materials are: SMC/BMC, RTM, GMT and glass fiber reinforced nylon.
4. Other related components: such as CNG cylinders, passenger car and RV sanitary facilities components, motorcycle parts, highway anti-glare panels and anti-collision columns, highway isolation piers, commodity inspection roof cabinets, etc.
Manhole cover, resin manhole cover
Its characteristics are:
1. The material has no recycling value and has the characteristics of natural anti-theft. It can easily solve the problem of the stolen cast iron manhole cover.
2, the density is large, the structure is stable, the toughness is strong, and it can reach 100 tons without reinforcing the load-bearing capacity.
3. The color can be selected according to the installation area.
4, the word card can help users show confidence.
5. Locking device can be installed to ensure the safety of the facilities in the well.
6, can install sealing strips, reduce the noise of passing, improve driving comfort.
7. The anti-slip pattern on the panel can be customized.
8. Light weight, one-third of the weight of the cast iron manhole cover under the same load.
9, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high temperature and low temperature, dust and anti-static.

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