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The God of Wealth Festival

The God of Wealth Festival

Today is our God os wealth festival(Lunar calendar July 22nd)

The God of Wealth refers to the birthday of the Chinese god Li Yuzu and the Wu Cai Shen Zhao Gongming on July 22. This day is the Chinese God of Wealth Festival. Every July and July, people set off firecrackers to celebrate the birthday of God of Wealth. They hope that this day will be a good sign. Some traders can make a fortune. God of Wealth is the god of financial resources in Chinese folklore. The God of Wealth is divided into two major categories: one is the official and the Taoist side, and the other is the Chinese folk belief. The official and Taoist priests gave the seal to the god Li Yuzu (known as the folk god of wealth), and the Chinese folk belief was Tian Gong Tian Xian Zhao Gongming (known as Wu Caishen by the people). The so-called birthday of Li Zhizu, the god of wealth, is actually only the day of Li Yuzu’s success in Taoism, and the birthday of Wu Caishen’s Zhao Gongming has two kinds of sayings: one is the lunar calendar on July 22, and the second is the lunar calendar, Fifteenth.

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