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What are the Advantages of Composite Manhole Cover Compared to Cast Iron Manhole Cover?

What are the advantages of composite Manhole Cover compared to cast iron manhole cover?
The SMC Composite Manhole Cover is one of the relatively large well covers at this stage. What are the characteristics of a cast iron manhole? First of all, the material has no recycling value and has natural anti-theft features, which eliminates the problem of an urban black hole caused by theft of the manhole cover. The cast iron manhole cover is a metal element iron which is a lively element and is prone to oxidation reaction, so it is easy to rust and age after a long time, then the metal Iron has a recycling value and is easily stolen by thieves, so it needs to be treated with anti-corrosion treatment and anti-theft treatment during installation, which increases the overall cost. This problem does not occur with the Resin Manhole Cover, which not only does not increase the cost of the manhole cover but also ensures the safety of the manhole cover. The cast iron manhole cover and the resin manhole cover are also of comparable load-bearing grades and can be used in high load areas such as main roads. Especially in gas-fired stations, chemical plants and other inflammable, explosive and corrosive areas, customers will choose a safer resin manhole cover. The noise problem of the cast iron manhole cover is also difficult to avoid. The collision between the metal manhole cover and the metal base will inevitably cause noise problems, especially in the community, paying more attention to the noise problem of the manhole cover. The gap of the cover of the resin manhole cover is small, and then the damping rubber ring is placed on the base, and the well cover not only does not emit noise but also improves the driving comfort. So now most of the manhole covers in the community have been changed to resin manhole covers.

composite manhole cover
SMC sheet covers have strong toughness, high bearing capacity, good resilience, strong pressure resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, flame retardant and antistatic, which make SMC resin manhole cover one of the most demanded manhole covers at present.

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