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What Should be Done to Solve the Problem of Composite Manhole Cover?

What should be done to solve the problem of composite Manhole Cover?
With the advancement of urban construction, public facilities are gradually extending underground. Wells such as tap water, telecommunications, electric power, gas, heat, fire, sanitation and other public facilities need to be installed. The market demand for manhole covers is increasing day by day. The research and development work of Composite Manhole Covers has been remarkable, but there are indeed many problems worthy of attention. In the current market economy environment, composite manhole covers, like other new products, have encountered various problems in the process of going to market. Today, let’s talk about the composite manhole cover. What should we do if there is a problem?
1. Quality problem: This is a problem that needs to be solved in the development of a composite manhole cover, and it is also a major problem that needs to be solved at present. At present, the quality of composite manhole covers in China is uneven, some are very good, some are not good. Most of the manhole covers only focus on the bearing capacity index, but do not pay attention to other multiple performance indicators; some composite manhole covers have reached some of the indicators, but other indicators have not yet been reached.
2. Technical issues: There are various technical problems in the production of composite manhole covers. If these technical problems are not solved, the composite manhole cover should open up the market and it is more difficult to occupy the market.
3. Regarding quality inspection: The quality inspection department shall strictly control according to the requirements of national standards and effectively carry out the inspection of the necessary performance indicators for the composite manhole cover.
4. Price competition problem: The current market economy competition is very fierce, especially in the aspect of price competition, competing for price, and even inferior products are on the market, causing personal accidents.
(1) The quality problem of the composite manhole cover to be solved by the enterprise
As a main body of manhole cover production, it is important to grasp the quality problem of composite manhole cover. The key to success or failure of a company is the quality of its products. One replacement product is compared with the traditional product, one is the performance quality indicator, and the other is the price factor. The quality indicators, in particular, have the following aspects: appearance, quality credibility, price, and service life.
At present, there are quality problems in composite manhole covers. Apart from whether they have mastered the technical level, I think that in production management, individual enterprises do not have strict production management systems. Some are even sloppy, let alone follow the spirit of science and technology.
There are many kinds of raw materials used in the composite manhole cover, and there are many production steps. The quality problems of the products are solved from various aspects such as raw material components and operation processes.
(2) Formulation and implementation of quality supervision and standards:
1. Quality inspection departments at all levels shall conduct inspections in accordance with national standards.
2. The quality inspection department shall establish relevant testing equipment and conditions.
3. The credibility of the quality inspection report.
(3) How the management department strengthens management
(1) The competent department should increase the support for the new manhole cover. The composite manhole cover is still in the research and development stage and has not yet fully occupied the market. The prospects are very good and there are many problems. For a new product, there is always one that is accepted by the society. The process is extremely supportive to the relevant departments at all levels.
(2) Propaganda and implementation of the quality standards of the manhole cover: enable the enterprise to master the relevant performance testing standards of the country to help enterprises improve the management level of production technology and the grade of products.
(3) The production enterprise should solve the problem of connection and cooperation with the design department and the construction unit.
(4) The problem of liquidity of production enterprises: The investment of liquid capital in the production of manhole covers is relatively large. Due to the long construction period of construction projects and the acceptance cycle, the time for returning goods is relatively long.
When a new product enters the market, the quality of the product must first be ensured. The composite manhole cover is a new type of construction engineering product. In the process of being introduced to the market, it must pass the inspection of the quality inspection department, the design of the design department, and the use of the construction department. To be approved by the society through actual use. The composite manhole cover must be used safely when it is used. It must not be sloppy. Always check and maintain it regularly so that you can check out which problems have occurred so that you can solve it quickly so that you can make the compound The life of the manhole cover is longer and more useful.

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