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Manhole Cover Beautification Design Art

Manhole Cover beautification design art
In recent years, many colleges and universities in China have carried out the beautification project of the manhole cover. The beautification activities of the School of Architecture and Art Design of Liaoning University of Science and Technology have achieved great social and public welfare effects, which not only add a beautiful landscape but also lively and interesting. It also played a role in reminding pedestrians of safety.
The cultural grade of the manhole cover is second, but this does not mean that it can be ignored. On the contrary, as people's living standards improve, the requirements for cultural tastes will become higher and higher. Therefore, it is necessary to pour more wisdom into the promotion of cultural taste. For example, the new manhole cover set up on Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is currently under observation. The return rate of tourists does not seem to be high. Many tourists simply did not find a new atmosphere. The reason is that on the one hand, the products on both sides of the road attract tourists' eyes. On the other hand, the new manhole cover has a single color tone and is too harmonious with the pavement color, which is also an important reason for not attracting the eye. It is not difficult to imagine that if you engrave the manhole cover of Shanghai's classic buildings, using bright colors that are quite different from the surrounding roads, and the patterns themselves try to adopt bright colors, then the chances of visitors seeing them will increase greatly.

manhole cover
Here, I have to mention that these Nanjing Road pedestrian streets are engraved with another flaw in the manhole cover of Shanghai's classic buildings: when people appreciate these classic buildings, they often naturally want to know exactly who they are. Because people don't necessarily know each building in detail. Therefore, if you can identify the name of the building together, you can better understand the urban culture of Shanghai. On the other hand, if the manhole cover has more practical functions, its attractiveness will be greatly improved. For example, referring to the practice in some places in Japan, road signs and regional maps are marked on the manhole cover, especially in areas such as Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street, where the majority of foreign tourists are occupied. You can borrow the manhole cover widely distributed on the sidewalk to mark the restroom. The orientation of the subway station, bank, catering and other facilities have given the manhole cover more "humanity" and "humanity", which enhances the city's cultural taste and facilitates visitors to a greater extent.

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