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Technical Requirements for Installation of Composite Manhole Cover

Technical requirements for installation of composite Manhole Cover
Adequate preparation work should be done before the installation of the Composite Manhole Cover to avoid sudden situations during the construction process. In order to improve the construction efficiency of the major construction units, the following is a detailed overview of the preparation of the composite manhole cover before installation:
1. Before the installation of the composite manhole cover, first confirm the wells and manhole covers to be installed according to the requirements of use, bearing grades, signs, etc., so as to avoid wrong installation and unnecessary losses.
2, ultra-polymer composite manhole cover, is the use of polymer composite materials, through advanced flat twin-screw plasticization and direct injection molding, the well is designed in consideration of its use characteristics and material costs, in the manhole cover and The joint of the well circle, the thickness of the well circle is only 20mm, so when installing the well, it is strongly required that the inner diameter of the well cover and the wellhead must be the same size, the inner ring and the wellhead of the well should be aligned, and the well ring is prohibited from shifting, resulting in local parts. Suspended, the manhole cover is crushed when the load is under heavy pressure, the well cover is pressed down, the manhole cover sinks, can not be used, or cause traffic accidents. Therefore, when installing the well circle, if the well circle and the wellhead are found to be offset, Correction in time; after the well circle is aligned with the wellhead, cover the manhole cover, and lay a 1 cm thick fine sand on the manhole cover. The bead is pressed around the well ring. After the flattening, the concrete is poured and the concrete and the surface of the well ring are level with the road surface. Qi. After the concrete is poured, the manhole cover is opened, the surface of the manhole cover and the sand falling into the side seam of the manhole cover are cleaned, and the manhole cover is covered. The forbidden sign is placed around the manhole cover. After the concrete is solidified, concrete or asphalt pavement is allowed to be constructed.
Technical requirements for composite manhole cover:
The first group: (minimum A15 type): green belts, sidewalks and other areas where motor vehicles are prohibited from entering.
The second group: (minimum B125 type): sidewalks, non-motor vehicles, car parking lots and underground parking lots.
The third group: (minimum selection of C250 type): residential area, back alleys, only light motor vehicles or small cars driving, within 0.5m of curbs on both sides of the road.
The fourth group: (the lowest selection D400 type): urban trunk roads, highways, highways and other areas.
The fifth group: (the lowest selection E600 type): freight station, dock, airport and other areas.
Group 6: (minimum F900 type): Airport runway and other areas.

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