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Compare With Trench Cover with Sand and Without Sand

Compare With Trench Cover with Sand and Without Sand

Trench cover

This is a broken trench cover that I took on the roadside. I can clearly see that the steel leakage phenomenon is serious. The quartz sand particles are very obvious. The composite resin groove cover is made of quartz sand groove cover. The resin ditch cover with quartz sand lost its original toughness. It could have been loaded with 5 tons. As a result, it can't reach 1 ton now. It has to be careful, let alone the car. Quartz sand is a very cheap sand. The purpose of adding quartz sand is to reduce the cost to meet the low price of customers. Its quality and service life are also reduced with the cost reduction. Sanded trench covers or sand Manhole Covers are very common in the market, which has a great impact on our traffic safety. Many people are injured every year. This is the last thing we want to see, but this situation is getting more serious.

trench cover

Zibo Best Energy Saving Materials Co., Ltd. has been established for the 15th anniversary. It mainly produces road covering equipment such as resin material trench cover and Composite Manhole Cover. The groove cover produced by Baister can bear 10-30 tons. It is our corporate tenet to serve the masses with quality. We know the harm of sanding products. It is our corporate ethics not to add quartz sand. It is very difficult to make good products. It is very difficult to sell good products, but it is harder and harder than our life safety. The state's regulation of non-standard products is becoming more and more strict, which is what we most want to see.

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