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How to Use Correct SMC Manhole Cover

How to Use Correct SMC Manhole Cover

We all know that the manhole cover is used in different ways.Power supply and heating systems on the roads. The manhole cover has a different effect depending on the environment in which it is not used.

For example, tree grate is used to prevent soil erosion and the correcting effect of trees; the sewage and rainwater filtering manholes next to urban roads are mainly used for filtering garbage and timely drainage;some are used in power plants, chemical plants, Manhole covers for special occasions such as airports, where the manhole covers are more demanding in terms of load resistance, load bearing, antistatic, and insulation.

Nowadays, all kinds of manhole cover produced by various China Composite Manhole Covers are made of different materials, but several features are similar:

1. anti-theft performance: Matrial:unsaturated resin, glass fiber and other materials through a special production process. the product has no recycling value.

2. Service life

3. Weatherability:good insulation performance and strong corrosion resistance: the product is corrosion resistant, non-toxic and harmless. No metal additives. It can be used in places that are complex, varied, and demanding.

4. Beautiful plate and high grade:

Tailor to various customers’ needs, including customized plates, logo, panel designs and colors.

5. Strong bearing capacity: The bottom adopts special design structure, and the continuous reinforcing fiber yarn used is to ensure the fiber and glass fiber cloth are integrated from the material, so that the product has a certain bearing capacity.

6. Environmental protection, anti-skid, low noise: the manhole cover does not slip after the car is crushed, no back-ear noise and pollution.

SMC manhole coverSMC manhole cover

In general, the manhole cover plays a important roles in our lives. So how do we choose correct SMC manhole cover?

First:we consider,the perspective of the material processing technology.manhole cover manufacturing process is complicated, and the quality of materials also is standard.

Second:find the production standards of manhole cover.There is a national standard for the manhole cover standard. Of course, the standards of different regions will be different.

Third:from the view of the manhole cover production enterprises. When we buy a product, we first decide what product is it good for our project, and then choose the brand of the product. At this time, a well-known company, its brand is the guarantee of its product quality.

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