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Why SMC Manhole Cover Have Big Potential Market?

Why SMC Manhole Cover Have Big Potential Market?

Nowadays, there are many and many clients and projects interest SMC manhole cover or instead of iron manhole cover and other conceret manhole cover. You must have confusion about this changes. Today let's us introduce to you the reason of SMC manhole cover.

SMC(sheet molding compound): SMC special yarns, unsaturated resin, low shrinkage additives, fillers and various additives composition. Its mechanical properties which are widely used transport vehicles, construction, electronics/ electrical and other industries.

SMC manhole cover

That's SMC manterial produce SMC manhole cover. We see that the back of manhole lid is no steel bar and smooth. As a new materials because its difference performance we know that the strength is higher than other materials(Concret and polymer materials) After high temperate molding, the manhole cover can stand weatherability and long service life.


1.No recovery value---It will solve the stolen problem thoroughly.

2.High load capacity---Its high load capacity exceeds the ductile iron.

3.Free-design---It can be designed according to users' demands, including color, pattern, specification.

4.Long service life-it can be used at least 30 years.

5.Well sealed----it can be used hermetically, and effectively prevent those poisonous gases leaking out from cesspool.

6.No any jangle----There is neither jangle nor rebound when cars pass through.

7.Good wear and corrosion resistance----It will never rust because it has good wear and corrosion resistance.

Protect the environment and our selves life.

Resin manhole cover

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