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Manhole Cover's Safety Problem

Manhole Cover's Safety Problem
In recent years,reports of damage to public safety due to manhole cover have frequently appeared in the newspapers. The safety of manhole covers has often attracted attention. There are several reasons for this:
1.The manhole cover is often located in the roads where the vehicles, roads, living quarters, etc. are frequently driven by people. Once the quality of the manhole cover or the manhole cover is lost, it is easy to cause a safety accident.
2.At present, the management of the manhole cover is confusing. Once the manhole cover is damaged or stolen, it is often impossible to replace or fill the gap in time, and the safety hazard cannot be eliminated in time.
Based on the above two shortcomings, in recent years people have tried various ways to solve the problem of manhole cover. These methods focus on two aspects: one is theft prevention, and the other is to fill the gap in time.
Through many efforts, there have been nearly 200 manhole cover anti-theft results that have been certified at various levels in China. Among them, there are dozens of Composite Manhole Covers and more than 100 manhole cover anti-theft devices.

corrosion resistance manhole cover
Changing the material, the cover of the manhole was mainly caused by the cast iron manhole cover. The criminals mainly took a fancy to the recovery value of the metal manhole cover. In addition, the illegal recycling station combined with the "selling" made the manhole cover stolen and repeatedly prohibited. For this reason, people try to make manhole covers with non-metallic materials, such as steel fiber cement manhole covers, polymer composite manhole covers, magnesite manhole covers, etc., which is also the development trend in recent years. Non-metallic manhole covers do not have recycling, and indeed play a role in anti-theft.

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