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Question of manhole lid have hole on the road

Question of manhole lid have hole on the road

manhole cover

Manhole cover with sand. There are so many problem: service life, quality, safety, stable.....

From the pic we can see that so many manhole cover on the road. Many people agree Composite Manhole Cover also have those problem. But there are extremely different.

Nowadays, in order to reduce the cost, many manhole cover manufacturers add sand into the manhole cover. Cheap sand material. Its water absorption rate is very high. Sand and resin are prone to gaps during the process of fusion(example: we add sand into food).Snowing time, it is easy to enter the water vapor and frozen. This makes the gap inside the manhole cover bigger and bigger, and when the vehicle is crushed back and forth, it is more likely to crack, and there will be one on the manhole cover. Holes, so these holes are not supposed to be there.

manhole cover

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