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How to Solve the Problem of Manhole Cover Completely

How to solve the problem of Manhole Cover completely
A small manhole cover is associated with everyone's life insurance. Some people are very curious, how is the round manhole cover constructed?
First check the wells and import and export to underground facilities (such as tap water, drainage, telecommunications, electricity, gas, heat, fire hydrants, valves, environmental sanitation, etc.). Inspect the manhole cover and inspect the blockage of the manhole cover, consisting of the support and the manhole cover. Support, check the part of the manhole cover that is fixed to the wellhead of the inspection well. Used to house magnesite manhole covers. Manhole cover, check the unfixed department in the manhole cover. The effect is to close the review wellhead and may open it when necessary.
Then, the depth of insertion, the height of the bearing support surface to the top surface of the support. The width of the slit, the gap between the support and the manhole cover. The support surface of the support supports the plane of the support of the manhole cover. The contact surface of the manhole cover, the plane in which the manhole cover is in contact with the bearing surface of the support.

anti-theft manhole cover
Finally, check the net width of the manhole cover and the maximum inscribed circle diameter of the abutment orifice. The experimental load is used to delineate the applied load when testing the Composite Manhole Cover.
This is the construction process of the manhole cover. It seems to be simple, but it is also quite complicated.
Finding the cause of the manhole cover insurance problem, the next step is to solve these problems. There are two main ways to solve the problem of manhole cover: one is anti-theft, and the other is to fill the gap in time. So, how should we solve the manhole cover problem from these two points?
1. Change the material.
The important reason that the manhole cover is often stolen is that the cast iron manhole cover has an objective recovery value, and there is an illegal recycling station combined with "selling", so that the manhole cover is stolen and repeatedly prohibited. Therefore, people should try to use non-metal materials to make manhole covers, composite manhole covers, such as polymer composite manhole covers, steel fiber cement manhole covers, magnesite manhole covers, etc. These non-metallic manhole covers do not have recycling, which definitely acts as an anti-theft.
2. Install anti-theft device on the existing manhole cover.
The anti-theft installation of the manhole cover mainly includes: 1 stop anti-rotation skill method, 2 bolt hole blocking skill method, 3 lock key method, 4 iron chain connection method, 5 hinge connection method, 6 fork joint joint method, anti-theft manhole cover.
3. After the cover is damaged or lost, the competent part is found to change the cover.

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