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Why Composite Manhole Cover More and More Popular?

Why composite Manhole Cover more and more popular?
Normal life, we can often see the defects of the manhole cover on the road and the stolen cover. This phenomenon is very common. Some pavements have too much sediment and slipped from the wellhead, which will lead to blockage of pipelines during the precipitation, and the drainage will not be smooth. In severe cases, the road area will be too much water, which will affect the safety of road traffic. Then the problem of theft of the manhole cover is very serious. When it arrives at the scene, it will directly affect the safety of passing pedestrians and vehicles. This shows that the quality of the Resin Manhole Cover is important to our safety.

composite manhole cover
[The difference between composite manhole cover, cast iron manhole cover and cement manhole cover]
Before the composite manhole cover, most of the road surface used is the cast iron manhole cover and the cement manhole cover, then the three types of manhole cover are compared.
1. Appearance: The composite manhole cover series products are smooth and beautiful. Coloring and design patterns can be designed according to design requirements. Cast iron manhole cover series products are easy to rust, corroded, and the appearance is not good. The surface of the cement manhole cover series is uneven and the coloring is difficult.
2. Weight: The composite manhole cover series is light in weight, about one-third of the similar products of cast iron and cement.
3.Toughness: The composite manhole cover series has good toughness and is not easy to be brittle. The cast iron manhole cover series is rigid, lacks toughness and is easily brittle. The cement mandrel series products are strong in solidity, lack of toughness and rigidity, and are easily brittle.
4. Exercising of the vehicle:The composite manhole cover series products are tightly combined, and the balance is not warped or bounced.The cover of the cast iron manhole cover series is not tightly coupled, and the vehicle is easy to bounce when driving, and the noise is large. The cover of the cement manhole cover series is not tightly coupled, and the vehicle is easy to bounce when driving, which is easy to damage.
5.Maintenance: The composite manhole cover series products are characterized by corrosion resistance, light weight, coloring, tight airtightness, etc., which are easy to identify and daily open maintenance, and reduce labor costs for maintenance and renewal expenses. The cast iron manhole cover series products are heavy, easy to rust and corrode, easy to lose, and increase maintenance difficulty and renewal costs. The cement manhole cover series products are heavier and increase the maintenance difficulty.
6.Unit cost: The unit cost of the composite manhole cover series products is 40% lower than that of the cast iron manhole cover series, which is 20% higher than the cement mandrel cover series products.
[Product Advantages of Composite Manhole Cover]
1. Strong anti-theft performance: The resin manhole cover is made of unsaturated resin, glass fiber and other materials and steel frame by special production process. After high temperature grinding and molding, the material has no use value. It is very difficult to take out the steel bar. Exceeding the value of the steel bar) therefore has the function of active anti-theft.
2. Large bearing capacity: The bottom of the bottom adopts a special pot bottom structure, which increases the force area by a dozen times or even dozens of times. The continuous reinforcing fiber yarn used ensures the fiber filament and the glass fiber cloth together in a material, so that the product has sufficient carrying capacity.
3. Long service life: By using high-performance resin, glass fiber and special production process formula, the resin is ensured to run in the glass fiber, which greatly enhances the adhesion between the two, so that the material does not under the cyclic load. Internal damage is created to ensure the longevity of the product and the superiority of other resin composite well covers. Eliminate the disadvantages of poor adhesion.
4. Beautiful and practical, high grade: According to customer needs, we can make complex LOGO and multi-color personalized design on the same manhole cover surface, making the pattern delicate and brightly defined. According to the customer's requirements, we can make all kinds of imitation stone surfaces and colors that are the same as various stone pavements.
5. High temperature resistance/low temperature, good insulation performance and strong corrosion resistance: the product is resistant to corrosion and metal-free additives, which has the effect of insulation. It can be used in places that are complex, varied, and demanding. The product has been tested by relevant testing institutions and has obvious acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance.
6. Environmental protection, non-slip, low noise: This product does not slip, no harsh noise and reverse phenomenon after the car is crushed. At the same time, due to the light weight of the product, the cover and the seat are tightly closed, which overcomes the problems of "jumping, smashing, ringing, shifting" of other inspection manhole covers.
Usually, we have seen a variety of manhole covers on the road, large square small cast iron cement, etc., and the function of each manhole cover is different. In recent years, the use of composite manhole covers has become more and more high, and everyone is slowly adopting this new type of lightweight manhole cover. The previous concept is that the heavier the heavier the better, the thicker the better. Now it seems that on the contrary, the manhole cover with the same carrying capacity, one is 80 kg, 8 cm thick. The other is 50 kg, 5 cm thick. So how do you choose? I definitely choose another one. First of all, the two types of manhole covers have the same bearing capacity. Why don't I choose the lighter ones? I can save the freight in transportation and save labor in the installation. Why not? Light is a feature. In fact, the characteristic of the composite manhole cover is that the material itself has no secondary use value. Although the inside of the manhole cover has reinforcement, the cost of taking out the steel bar is much greater than the cost of the steel bar itself, so the composite manhole cover plays a role of natural anti-theft. It can directly solve the big problem that the manhole cover is stolen.

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