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Composite Manhole Lid And Frame Assemblies

Composite Manhole Lid And Frame Assemblies

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Zibo Best Energy-Saving Materials Co., Ltd specializes in composite manhole covers,SMC manhole cover.Our factory are one of the high quality SMC composite manhole cover manufacturers.Now we produced round and square Manhole Covers(SMC/BMC material), Rain Gratings, exported to Asia,Europe,South Korea etc.

Product information:Manhole covers are manufactured for road construction, natural gas, water supply and drainage, telecommunications.

We supply high quality manhole covers and strictly manufactured according to ISO9001:2000 and BS EN124 standard.

Waterproof, Weatherproof, Corrosion resistant, Anti-theft

Our Composite manhole cover Contain Zero metal, no scrap value, no one will steal it.

High load capacity for our Ductile Iron  covers/Grating, it can be used in all kinds of road according to its load ability.

Our Fiberglass sewer covers has very long service life(at least can be used 30 years)

Good temperature resistance from -40°c to 80°c Centigrade.

All of our composite manhole covers with SGS tested approved are manufactured according to BS-EN124.

composite manhole cover

All our Frame and Cover Assemblies suit for customer's require.

Screw locks and good strength prevent urban vulnerability and rainwater infusion. Five thousand years is culture, and three thousand and seven hundred years are civilizations. Therefore,whether it is five thousand years or three thousand seven hundred years, it has a long history.It has left us with countless knowledge classics and countless lessons. We cultivate, nurture, and know how to replace. In the future, the manhole culture will slowly integrate into our lives.

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Add: No125 Liuquan Road Gaoxin District Zibo City,Shandong Province,China

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