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How to Use Rainwater Manhole Cover?

How to Use Rainwater Manhole Cover?
Manhole cover, used to cover roads or deep wells in the home to prevent people or objects falling. According to the material, it can be divided into metal manhole cover, high-strength fiber cement concrete manhole cover, Resin Manhole Cover and so on. Generally used in a circle. Can be used for green belts, sidewalks, motor vehicles, docks, alleys, etc.
The manhole cover has become a city business card in Japan. It began with the resolution of practical details, and became an art because of exquisite workmanship, and then continued to develop into a special culture. Almost every city in Japan can see colorful sewer manholes with animals, landscapes, historical stories or urban features, and a sense of design.
Cast iron: ductile iron, gray iron. The gray iron manhole cover is suitable for green belts, but it is not suitable for any place. Ductile iron manhole covers are suitable for any environment and requirements.

composite material: which contains saturated resin and unsaturated resin. 1 Unsaturated resin is divided into FRP hand lay cover and molded resin manhole cover. The molded resin manhole cover includes an SMC manhole cover and a BMC manhole cover. Saturated resin and SMC molded resin are suitable for any environment and requirements. The FRP hand lay-up cover and the BMC molded manhole cover are suitable for places where light vehicles pass and green belts.
 Third: In order to prevent the stainless steel manhole cover from moving for various reasons, at the end of the installation, the construction personnel need to use some concrete to press the edge of the concealed manhole cover. After the invisible manhole cover is fixed, the invisible manhole cover is not easy to move, resulting in some unnecessary troublesome results. At the same time, the construction personnel must insist that the manhole cover face up when the device is invisible, which is the correct device step.
The tradition of “using beautiful patterns on the manhole cover” began in the 1880s and was initiated by a Japanese named Yasutake Kameda. He was an architect at the then Japanese architectural firm. At that time, Japan's urban sewer system was similar to the current situation in China, and it was expensive but unobtrusive. In order to make this huge government project more popular and popular, Yasutake Kameda thought of “making the surface of the manhole cover more visual. The idea of becoming more eye-catching. Therefore, he encouraged cities, towns and villages to develop their own manhole cover designs with local characteristics. Gradually, individual manhole covers became popular throughout Japan.
Third, the Composite Manhole Cover has high precision and corrosion resistance. After high temperature molding, it has good acid and alkali resistance and corrosion resistance, which prolongs the service life of the resin manhole cover. Installation features: With the continuous development of technology, the manhole cover has been rapidly developed as a common material for municipal and construction. Let me talk about the installation precautions for composite manhole cover:
At present, the market sells, but it can only be repaired to ensure that its appearance is intact, so that your products pass the quality, but if the performance is not satisfactory, especially if the pressure on the manhole is quite large, then use What methods are useless.
The plastic inspection well is allowed to press there and can be pressed there and cannot be used alone. First, the demand analysis inspection manhole cover is the closure to the top of the entrance and exit of the underground facilities, where the installation of tap water, cable TV, drainage, telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom, electricity, gas, heat, fire. Plastics: Plastic inspection wells are required for installations such as sanitation and other public facilities. Inspection wells 5 Rainwater tweezers are used for drainage.
According to the art survey, there are more than 6,000 manhole covers in Japan, and even several manhole cover museums have been established. Japan has established a semi-official "well cover association" consisting of 32 companies specializing in the protection and research of manhole covers throughout Japan. There have also been many "well cover fans" who set up their own organizations, websites and forums. For example, many young people in Japan are keen to collect pictures of manhole covers, organize urban escaping plans with manhole cover as the theme, search for treasures, find a photo, and then share it online.
The manhole cover is everywhere, the manhole cover is also a variety of patterns, and all kinds of patterns, then those patterns are really just for the sake of beauty? The answer is definitely not just for the appearance of the pattern.
It depends mainly on the market conditions of the supplier industry and the importance of the items they provide. One of the threats to suppliers is to increase the price of supply. 2 is to reduce the quality of the corresponding product or service. The ability of suppliers to bargain: for a certain industry. The strength of the supplier's competitiveness.
Recalling the anti-theft manhole cover you have seen, you will find that all the anti-theft manhole covers are covered with patterns, crosses, herringbone, and other patterns. Then a problem arises. Why is the surface of the anti-theft manhole cover certain? Would you like to print these patterns? Isn't it better to make light? Here is the answer for you:
The anti-slip cover has a unique anti-slip pattern on the surface, mainly to increase friction and prevent pedestrians from slipping due to rain, snow and ice. Imagine a rainy board on a smooth iron plate, or snow, and it is easy for a pedestrian to slip on a big heel. Personal safety will occur at any time, so the pattern is a non-slip function.

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